Professional Surveyors since 1986

Professional Surveyors since 1986

  • Fry-Jefferson map of Virginia 1751

    Fry-Jefferson map of Virginia 1751

    Map of the Inhabited Parts of Virginia

    The published map included Fry and Jefferson’s completed border survey for the western bounds of the Northern Neck and the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina. For the first time the entire Virginia river system was properly delineated, and the northeast-southwest orientation of the Appalachian Mountains was displayed.

  • The Compass

    A surveyor uses a compass to determine the direction of a line. The compass needle points to the MAGNETIC NORTH POLE and by turning the compass in the direction of the line being surveyed, the direction of the line can be observed.

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  • Quiet Professionals

    "Often people don't think things are happening unless they see a bulldozer or surveyor. That's actually the last step. Plenty has already happened before you reach that point." --Stan Williams

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Over 25 Years!

We wish to thank all of the homeowners, title companies, and land developers that have contributed to our success since 1986. Here's to the next 25.

The Word on the Street

Mimi, Thank you so much for helping us out with our plat. We have a newborn at home and we have been struggling looking for our copy. With your help we'll finally be able to get some much needed work done on our house. Thanks again!


Thank you for your quick response to do the survey at my home. The two men that did the work were very courteous and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend your company.

Phil Leibensperger

Hi Esme, I received the plats that you mailed. . .they look great. Thanks,


Dear Lynna, Thank you so much for your email, great detail and have forwarded it on to my client. They should be back in touch.


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